A lifelong artist and entrepreneur, Alise loves nothing more than an adventure down a road not taken. This spirit of adventure and love of mystery has led Alise to explore new ways of making art by marrying what she loves most which is nature, photography, and working with new technologies to achieve what she sees in her imagination and feels in her bones.

July 21, 2015

Kindness and Connection - Day 2

My goals are simple today- be kind and connect with those around me. I do this mostly - but also unconsciously so much of the time. Sometimes I can rush through experiences and miss a lot while being irritated that it's all not moving fast enough. Looks like Impatience is the enemy of kindness and connection. So today, I'll not be in such a hurry.
I took this photo at dusk on Mission Beach. Taking photos is where the inspiration for my art begins- it's the opportunity to stop and capture glimpses of beauty that I carry in my heart and mind. connection and kindness are my goals as I navigate through arranging hospice care for my beautiful Mom, the woman who gave me the gift of art.